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Head CT
Bio image sensor with central processing unit

Exposed - most of the photos are rather from the beginning, the oldest one is from 1980. Therefore please understand them more as snap shots than as designed settings. Mostly they were made with a simple fix-focus pocket camera or even with a disposal camera. (Both do not require a battery, need not to boot and also do not hang up; meanwhile there are cameras with mobile phones inside. ;-)

Exclusively the photographer creates the photo, not the camera.





Brute Force

Eastern Germany: in the middle of downtown Leipzig old and new encounter. Obviously the skyscraper tower of the Karl-Marx-University should have demonstrated the progress and superiority of the socialism. It does not harmonically fit in the Altstadt (Engl.: ancient downtown), it really works like a smashing alien element.

(By the way: in Leipzig 1989 the reunion of Germany was initialized.)



TV Broadcasting Tower

Vapor trail
Skyscraper, the Nuremberg Egg

Broadcasting tower
Sky Rocket

Egg shaped broadcasting tower is also called »Nuremberg Egg« in remembrance of the mechanic pocket watch and its inventor Peter Henlein (~ 1505). Since decades its restaurant stands empty - too expensive to be renovated. In those times the photos were made the restaurant section was accessible and I enjoyed the view from the top.

(I really don't want to know what a Freudian fellow would say about these photos...)


Under the Bridge

Right view
Under the Bridge over the Pegnitz

Left view
Dr.-Gustav-Heinemann Bridge at the Five Streams Cycle Route

East Nuremberg. Often I cross by bike under this bridge over the impounded river Pegnitz. Here on both sides a footpath/cycle track leads into the countryside. The section belongs to the Five Streams Cycle Route. Thus coming from the east one easily reaches the downtown of Nuremberg through the Pegnitz valley without troubles caused by cars.


In the Nuremberg Reichswald and in the Pegnitz valley

Overhead transmission line and vapor trail
Crossroads near Schwaig on the way to lake Birkensee

Extended overhead transmission lines in the middle of the imperial woods over a crossing of forest paths between Schwaig/Dreihöhe and Nuremberg. The cycle track between Nuremberg Zoo and the lake Birkensee crosses or carries along the lines, resp.

In the skies the vapor trail of a plane heading west appears.


Fern in a tree stump
Old and New


Exciting fern was discovered in a brushwood in the industrial area of Röthenbach-Mühllach.



Röthenbach upon Pegnitz
In the country, east of Nuremberg in the Pegnitz valley

Enjoy Röthenbach from an unusual perspective: the Lutheran church with the Moritzberg (603 m, 1978 feet) in the background. Photo made from the Paradises Path in the Pegnitz valley.



Arbed Saarstahl in Völklingen

Smelting plant
Right for work, life and beauty!

Engineered landscape - The rails of the Deutsche Bahn (DB) seem to run through the plant directly.
Later on in order to make photos of the factory from a hill I had to cross a freeway due to be pressed for time. And this with a well filled rucksack.

(Obviously every photographer makes »his« photos of a smelting plant.)


Additional loco photos you will find in Rails:



DB Museum and DDM

Enjoy the museum in Nuremberg and the Deutsches Dampflokmuseum (Engl.: German Steam Locomotive Museum) in Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg.

S 3/6 front view
Express steam loco S 3/6, Type 2'C1' h4v (super pacific) of the K.BAY.STS.B.

S 3/6
Sundown near the Dutzendteich


Curvaceous front
Even mighty in retirement

Entirely reworked S 3/6 of the former Königlich Bayerische Staatseisenbahnen (K.BAY.STS.B.; Engl.: Royal Bavarian State Railroads; earlier than 1920) working at the 100th anniversary of the DB museum in 1999 (above).


Exciting front of 10 001 in the DDM; together with 10 002, the last new DB steam loco nicknamed »Black Swan« built around 1958 (left).


Exhaust vapor is not everything. Current in shape of the SBB Crocodile - the real and true Crocodile - is not bad, too (below).

Geen SBB Crocodile
Swiss Crocodile Ce 6/8 III 14305


Each of both elegant diesel »egg heads«, express locomotive pre-serial V 200 002 (destroyed during the catastrophic museum fire in 2005) and express train set SVT 137 give forth the touch of long ago times as well.

Egg Heads
Pre-serial V 200 002 (Class 220) from the 1950ies and SVT 137 of the 1930ies

Playing with light

Some like it hot



The Power of Light

Entirely touch-free temperature measurement with an ellipsometer as test of a new measurement principle. Reference dimension is the change of polarization of a laser beam caused by a change in temperature. Twice it runs through a thin quartz pane (thickness 1 mm = 0.04 inch), which can be heated by halogen lamps. Prisms are used to change the beam direction.

The light bulb - the better stove: seven standard 500 W halogen bulbs easily achieve 1 200 °C (2 192 °F) within seconds.


Let there be ... colors!


Fault colors
Making Colors

Slow Motion - some info about
high-speed cameras:


Engineering - putting a filter on an opened CCD sensor: during the color stripe filter (glass substrate) is lowered to the sensor interference fringes appear caused by the adhesive blot on the CCD chip.
The fault colors are caused by a not adequate calculation of the color algorithm fed with wrong values. The correlation between color and location shows a mismatch due to a still too big distance.
In the monochrome image one recognizes the refraction by the glue drop between sensor and glass substrate.

Find more info about this process by clicking on one of the images.


Light and shadow

Tomcat Felix
Tomcat Felix tone in tone in twilight

Enjoy little tomcat Felix in the living room. Snapshot.


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