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Anny Duperey Show

Anny Dupery as Marthe, 1972

Anny Duperey in Pas folle la guêpe

Enchanting Anny Duperey is very variable, but always a feast for the eyes. And this regardless of age. Not only at the age of 25 as Marthe in Pas folle la guêpe (English title Just a matter of time), the French-Italian-German co-production of 1972.
Just convince yourself.

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Each click on a screenshot opens an other one out of the same movie.



Christine Martin Arlette Stavisky dressed by Yves Saint Laurent Madame Hennebeau Adrienne, Venus sur l'bus Queen Bertha Broadfoot Maria Claudia Klessing Janice Dr. Catherine Beaumont Fabienne Jenny La Tour Dr. Carole Charlotte Agathe Bodard Laura Weber Cora

Anny Duperey Gallery

Un éléphant ça trompe énormément

Anny Duperey - Un éléphant ça trompe énormément, 1976

Face of Beauty
The ironic smile of the true woman in red

Anny Duperey - Pardon mon Affaire, 1976

Blue eyes, dark hair, red dress
Wouldn't like to trade with Jean Rochefort
to share this elevator with Anny Duperey?


Enjoy THE scene from Pardon mon Affaire.
(Although I just prefer the party scene much more.)

Anny Duperey as Charlotte, the »Woman in Red«
Anny 'n motion: Dancing Queen


The Demon of the Island

Anny Duperey taking a bath
Anny Duperey best actress Fantasporto 1984

Anny Duperey side view
Prix du suspense Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival 1983

Extraordinary occurrences around fascinating but chain smoking and pills swallowing Dr. Gabrielle Martin in Le démon dans l'íle.


The other Woman

Elegant ladylike and most beautiful as Fanny in Colette's La Seconde.

Fanny / Colette in theatre
Anny Duperey like a painting - as pretty as a picture

Dressed in cool silver
Anny Duperey, 1990


Une famille formidable

Endurance - Dr. Catherine Beaumont, more than 25 years on duty on TV.

Lady in blue
Une famille formidable Season 5, 2002

Lady in yellow
Anny Duperey: in yellow eye-candy, too

Lady in yellow
Dr. Catherine Beaumont

Lady in green
Dr. Catherine Beaumont

Lady in orange
Season 7, 2007: orange looks good on Anny Duperey, too

Lady in red
2002 in red again


La Grande Librairie: Au Théâtre du Rond-Point

Anny Duperey live on TV
Anny Duperey December 22nd 2011 live on stage (When I'm 64... ;-)

Evening with family Duperey/Giraudeau.
Anny Duperey, daughter Sara Giraudeau and son Gaël Giraudeau staging a short play.
(Unfortunately Bernard Giraudeau already passed away in 2010.)